No livestock, more PFCs.
What does that mean?

Many people want to improve the world. And that's a good thing!
Environmental activists, vegetarians and vegans in particular love nature and want to protect you in particular.

But what is the alternative to the natural materials that are available to us today and would not exist without our traditional livestock breeding?

Let’s take the leather made from the hides of my cattle which is used for sturdy hiking boots as an example.

Nature lovers, hikers and climbers may be opposed to cattle breeding, but they also want durable outdoor clothing and footwear.

But the alternative to leather is plastic. But we now know that modern synthetic materials can harm the environment.

Functional clothing is often treated with PFCs (perfluorinated and polyfluorinated chemicals) to ensure both breathable and waterproof qualities. Fibres detach from clothing and footwear and proceed to contaminate nature over many years. PFCs that only break down over a long period are now also being found in remote mountain lakes.

As a mountain farmer, I naturally count myself among the environmentalists, because protecting the mountain landscape is about safeguarding my livelihood and my home. But I am convinced there is no alternative to breeding livestock.