Why use Perwanger leather?


We source the raw material for our leather from selected producers. It comes mainly from high-quality cattle from the alpine region, which are reared for meat production.


We only use certified products for our leather. Every production phase is supervised by specialist technicians. Naturally, all the legally applicable environmental regulations are observed.


The entire product is made in Italy. Every stage of production is supervised by qualified specialists in Italy.


We use special molecules in the tanning process that coat the microfibres in the hide. This is how Perwanger® Leather becomes naturally ‘hydrophobic’ or water-repellent, with no protective coating applied to the surface.


Perwanger® Leather mimics the properties of a natural membrane. Our special tanning process prevents water from penetrating the leather while also allowing it to breathe.


Our tanning process lends a specific surface quality to our Perwanger® leather. This makes the leather particularly hard-wearing and scratch-resistant, even over rough and rocky terrain. The water-repellent properties, colour and structure of the leather are maintained in the long-term.


The exclusive use of selected raw materials with a dense fibre structure, combined with the special Perwanger tanning process, creates a compact leather composition. The ensures the footwear provides extra-special comfort and protection in any weather conditions and is particularly hard-wearing.

This is the only world we have, which is why we do everything we can to preserve human health and the natural environment: this of course includes ensuring that Perwanger leathers contain no harmful substances.

We are proud to have been awarded the strict OEKO-TEX® LEATHER STANDARD environmental certificate for our high-performance leathers.