All Perwanger® leather is subject to strict internal testing before it leaves our production facility. We do this to guarantee and ensure our consistently high standards. These tests are regularly repeated by external laboratories to confirm the results.

We are proud that our leathers are able to withstand the most demanding of requirements. They are destined for the most arduous tasks and the most extreme sports.

The courage to innovate

We use the latest testing methods to put the leather through its paces in some of the most extreme conditions and locations on the planet.

The special Perwanger leather qualities; perfect for durable and sophisticated footwear


We are particularly proud of our “Perwanger Nepal” premium leather. We have used this unique quality to develop the first waterproof leather that was also suitable for gluing rubber rands around hiking and mountain boots.


Perwanger has always used high-quality leather for mountain boots. Water-resistance and breathability are always a top priority. “Bergrind” combines these properties with a particularly low material thickness.


Perwanger “Zermatt” has a particularly expressive vintage look. The waxed and rolled surface gives the leather depth of colour, a particularly natural surface and a pleasantly tactile feel.


Our unique leather quality “Perwanger Nepal suede” is additionally provided with a specifically oiled surface, and “Nepal oil suede” once again opens up a new world in the manufacture of leather boots.


Our supple material for soft, light footwear for outdoor and everyday use with a material thickness of 1.2 mm to 2.0 mm. “Jazz” also offers the typical technical properties of all Perwanger leather, and is water-repellent, breathable and durable.

Nepal: made for challenges

The Perwanger Nepal leather represents innovation and quality from Perwanger like no other. It was developed to meet the highest demands for water-resistance, breathability, robustness and comfort in the manufacture of high-tech footwear.

Nepal A play of colours with the “wow factor”

The suede Perwanger Nepal was the first milestone in the development of the ideal leather properties robust mountain boots and work footwear, because this quality allowed rubber rands to be applied to the boot to achieve a fully waterproof connection of the sole to the shoe. Since then, we have developed this unique leather quality to a considerable degree. In addition to its exceptional technical properties, Perwanger Nepal is today characterised by a wide range of particularly intense and vibrant colours.

Bergrind: Best alpine quality

When choosing natural leather to manufacture footwear, particular attention is paid to the material thickness of the leather. We require strong leather with extreme durability for a long service life, and supple leather that is easy to work with and which produces extremely comfortable footwear.

The combination of these properties shows the true art of leather production at Perwanger. But the raw material for leather production, cowhide, is particularly important for Perwanger. We focus on hide from livestock from the alpine region, because the leather produced from this cattle is of particularly consistent and high quality. This enables us to produce fine, yet robust leathers like the “Perwanger Bergrind”.

Zermatt: for true nature lovers

As tough as life itself: Attractive footwear endures owing to the well-designed and consistent surface of the leather. With “Zermatt”, we offer a leather that combines all the technical advantages of Perwanger leather with a particularly attractive vintage surface. This raw yet striking look is achieved through an elaborate finishing process with multiple waxing and rolling.

The velvety surface of the Perwanger “Zermatt” meets the highest demands for water-resistance, breathability and tensile strength. The vintage, smooth and velvety surface texture will become even more pronounced with prolonged use and regular care with the correct impregnating agents.

Nepal oil suede: Perwanger in perfection

We have paired the outstanding technical properties and bright colours of the unique “Nepal” Perwanger quality with a modern oiled “aha” surface for our latest innovation, “Nepal oil suede”. This is how we ensure that contemporary manufacturers of high-quality footwear can produce an attractive and interesting shoe with the special look and touch of the leather. Due to its high resistance to water and scratches, this leather is ideal for the manufacture or mountain, trekking and work footwear. The breathable permeability offers high wearing comfort, even when worn for long periods of time. Perwanger “Nepal oil suede” is uniquely reliable, and guarantees: never a dull moment.

Jazz Bottalato: viva Italia

Italian shoes are famous for their innovative, elegant designs and maximum comfort. A special leather quality is crucial for both. With a material thickness of 1.2 mm to 2 mm, Perwanger “Jazz” offers all the freedom to create an attractive form and design for contemporary footwear. The soft, premium leather is of course reflected in the undisputed comfort of the footwear. “Jazz Bottalato” is the ideal material for exceptionally soft, light footwear for outdoor and everyday use, owing to the additional properties of Perwanger leather, its water-resistance combined with breathability, the scratch-resistant surface and the durability of the leather.

This is the only world we have, which is why we do everything we can to preserve human health and the natural environment: this of course includes ensuring that Perwanger leathers contain no harmful substances.

We are proud to have been awarded the strict OEKO-TEX® LEATHER STANDARD environmental certificate for our high-performance leathers.