What a wonderful world

This is the only world we have, which is why we do everything we can to preserve human health and the natural environment: this of course includes ensuring that Perwanger leathers contain no harmful substances.

Our leathers have been tested by OEKO-TEX® for traces of several hundred chemicals that are harmful to health. The result: OEKO-TEX® has awarded us the coveted LEATHER STANDARD seal of quality – free of harmful substances!

The test is carried out by an independent OEKO-TEX® partner institute, and is based on the OEKO-TEX® criteria catalogue that lists hundreds of regulated individual substances. The limit values tested in accordance with the criteria catalogue are much stricter than the valid national and international specifications and include various parameters for safeguarding health. We are delighted that this official seal of approval is clear evidence of our commitment to the environment and human health as demonstrated by our special, skin-friendly products. The LEATHER STANDARD label certifies that our leather is free from chemicals that could pose a hazard to human health. We are proud to receive the strict OEKO-TEX® LEATHER STANDARD environmental certificate for our high-performance, waterproof and breathable leathers which we use to create renowned brand-name mountain boots, forestry and work shoes.

We are doing our very best for human health, the environment and for our children

Perwanger leathers are particularly robust and breathable. These comfort features are the reason for our popularity in the premium outdoor segment, alpine sports, the forestry industry and in all aspects of the world of work.

Every day we ask ourselves: what can we at Perwanger do for our future? You’ll find the responses here, which are diverse as our employees…

We have relied on natural leather for 200 years, because nature always provides more sustainable and living materials than humans could ever produce with synthetic substitutes.