How we protect our water

One of the most modern wastewater treatment plants in Europe was built in Arzignano (Italy) specifically to meet the requirements of tanneries. The plant covers an area of c. 155,000 m2 and has 170 employees. The wastewater from the plants is treated here to drinking water quality in accordance with the most stringent standards.

The Perwanger tannery moved its production site to Arzignano in 1988 to guarantee sustainable environmental protection and exploit the most advanced technology available in Europe to treat its own wastewater.

Video: © Acque del Chiampo

The Arzignano wastewater treatment plant was developed in the 1970s to treat the municipal wastewater of approx. 40,000 people living in the Chiampo Valley and the industrial sludge from about 160 tanneries. The tanneries are connected to the plant by 40 km of designated wastewater pipes.

The plant offers a treatment capacity for a city with a population of 1.5 million people. It is continuously being expanded and modernised to improve purification capacity, quality and use of resources. This also designed to increase sustainability and nature conservation and is in strict compliance with environmental regulations.

The system is divided into two treatment pipelines:
A water pipeline for the separate treatment of industrial wastewater and municipal wastewater
A sludge pipeline to treat the sludge generated by water purification.

A certified laboratory with state-of-the-art instruments guarantees the accurate testing of the quality of the purified water and of the entire aqueduct network managed by Acque del Chiampo.

Some believe that leather production causes damage to the environment. But how is that really? What can we do for our future at Perwanger?

Because nature supplies sustainable and livelier materials than humans could ever produce with plastics, we have been relying on natural leather for 200 years.

Due to their unique performance characteristics, Perwanger leathers are used, for example, for shoes in alpine sports, in the premium outdoor segment or in the tough world of work.

This is the only world we have, which is why we do everything we can to preserve human health and the natural environment: this of course includes ensuring that Perwanger leathers contain no harmful substances.

We are proud to have been awarded the strict OEKO-TEX® LEATHER STANDARD environmental certificate for our high-performance leathers.