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On request, we will be happy to provide you with video recordings of the special quality features of Perwanger Leder in 4K quality.


Perwanger leather is waterproof – and yet air and moisture can permeate our leather from the inside out. This is one of the most important leather properties for modern breathable footwear.

Experimental proof of breathability | 7 sec.

Experimental proof of breathability | 14 sec.

Birth of waterdrops | 35 sec.

Closeup: waterdrops forward run | 47 sec.

Macro: birth of waterdrops | 29 sec.

Water resistance

Even running water cannot penetrate Perwanger leather, but rolls off the specially tanned surface. This keeps the foot dry and comfortable at all times.

A single drop falls onto a leather surface | 4 sec.

Water starts dripping on a leather surface | 9 sec.

A line of drops bead off leather| 14 sec.

Rain on a leather surface | 13 sec.

Rain on a trekking shoe | 21 sec.


Perwanger leather is particularly scratch-resistant and robust. Perwanger leather thus protects the foot from injury even in rough terrain and gives the shoe exceptional durability.

A nail scrapes over leather | 1:04 sec.

Rock break | 14 sec.

A shoe scrapes over rocks | 5 sec.

Perwanger leather

Perwanger leather is characterised by a particularly lively, robust and breathable surface.

Leather surface | 13 sec.

Closeup: leather surface | 23 sec.

Macro: leather surface | 10 sec.


Leather wave | 10 sec.

This is the only world we have, which is why we do everything we can to preserve human health and the natural environment: this of course includes ensuring that Perwanger leathers contain no harmful substances.

We are proud to have been awarded the strict OEKO-TEX® LEATHER STANDARD environmental certificate for our high-performance leathers.